We would like to inform you that the place and manner of participating in the 2022 Hungarian parliamentary elections depends primarily on whether you have an officially registered address in Hungary or not. In case you do, you may vote primarily in the constituency according to your address.

As a Hungarian citizen living abroad without an officially registered address in Hungary, you can cast your vote via post in the parliamentary general elections, national referendums and, if you do not have a residence in another EU country, in the European Parliament elections, as described in the voting package sent to your foreign address.

Please be informed that questions related to the Hungarian parliamentary elections of 2022 could be directly addressed to the specific department of the National Elections Office (in Hungarian Nemzeti Választási Iroda) as well. 

They can be reached at:   visz@nvi.hu  or    +36 1 795 3310

More information can be found here: https://www.valasztas.hu/web/national-election-office/voters-registration 

Detailed Hungarian information can also be found on our website:  https://telaviv.mfa.gov.hu/page/orszaggyulesi-valasztas-2022