Opening hours:             Monday - Friday (excluding Israeli and Hungarian public holidays)

Scheduling an appointment:           phone: (03) 545-6666,  

(Note: Our lines are generally busy during the day. In case your call is not answered, please send your inquiry by e-mail at  with your phone number; our operator will get in touch with you shortly.)

Special announcement (consular reception during COVID-19):

Regardless the type of consular service, from the restart of consular reception (May 18, 2020), applicants are only received with appointment booked in advance at (03)-545-6666 or at

Please be advised, that applicants can only enter the premise of the Consular Section if they keep the general health protective precautions and meets the following requirements:

  • body temperature below 38 Celsius (checked on arrival),
  • declaration about no COVID-19 symptoms (signed on arrival), and
  • using protective mask (not provided).

The entry of applicants not meeting the above requirements will be denied.

Consular services by appointment only:

  • Passport services
  • Citizenship application
  • Visa application
  • Domestic registration of birth/marriage/divorce/death
  • Voluntary acknowledgement of paternity
  • Notice for marriage
  • Simplified naturalisation
  • Change of name
  • „Client gate” (Ügyfélkapu) administration
  • Authentication (signature/translation/copy)
  • Obtaining certificate of good conduct
  • Obtaining certificate of birth/marriage/death
  • Declaration of settlement abroad (for Hungarian citizens)
  • Certificate of marital status

„Pick-up” hours:

After receiving prior notification from our Consulate about the receival, documents can be picked-up only with an appointment booked in advance.

Recipients must prove their identity with a valid photographic ID upon receiving their documents. In case of receiving other persons’ or minors’ documents, a valid authorization form (form- english) must be presented and the athorizers’ copy of photographic ID.