14 May

Update (05.26.): For specific regulations for foreign students returning to Hungary, please click here.

In order to prevent further spread of the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Hungary has closed its borders to foreign travelers. Currently, entering Hungary is only allowed for:

  • Hungarian citizens,
  • EEA citizens with registration card, and
  • diplomats accredited to Hungary.

In accordance with the related Government Decree, foreigners (non-Hungarian or non-EU/EEA citizens with registration card) can enter Hungary with special conditions only in essential and justified cases.  In such cases, the Hungarian National Police Headquarters grant exemption from the entry ban (in the form of an entry permission) based on equity aspects, provided by the provision of the government decree 81/2020. (IV.1.). § 4.

As of 13 May 2020, new regulations have been put in place on how to apply for special equity-based entry permissions to Hungary.

Applications may only be submitted electronically, in Hungarian, through the website of the Police by clicking on the below link:


Here, you need to click on Államhatáron történő beutazáshoz méltányossági kérelem  (the last icon). On the next page, click on the same icon again to then either sign in via your Client Gate (Ügyfélkapu) account, or choose the second option (Méltányossági kérelem beutazáshoz - bejelentkezés nélkül) to continue without logging in.



1. Applications may be submitted by applicants themselves or their representative with a valid power of attorney.

2. If you are also applying for your immediate family members, one application suffices.

3. Similarly to the practice until now, you must clearly specify your reason of entering, as well as all other relevant information related to your application, and these must be confirmed by attaching valid supporting documents.

4. The new regulations specifically list equity reasons that are considered:

  • Participation in court or official proceedings;
  • Business activities carried out by procuration from a governmental body;
  • Attending medical services;
  • Fulfilling exam obligations during studies;
  • Attending the funeral of a close relative;
  • For the freight industry, commuting to the starting point of travel and returning home afterwards

5. Applications that are wrongly submitted, are not in Hungarian or do not contain sufficient supporting documentation will be refused without processing.

6. Original supporting documents must be presented upon arrival at the respective border control.