Update: 06/07/2022

As of 07/03/2022, all COVID-19 related travel restrictions end in Hungary, thus the entry ban of foreigners and general isolation obligation is eliminated thus foreigners can enter unrestrictedly regardless of the passengers' immunity, vaccination or presenting a negative PCR result. The Israeli vaccination certificate remains recognised in the EU but it is not essential for entering Hungary unrestrictedly.


 Update: 12.10.2021.

In accordance with the European Commission’s decision, the Member States of the EU recognize the COVID-19 certificates issued by the State of Israel and consider them equivalent to EU Digital COVID Certificates. Therefore, holders of Israeli vaccination or recovery certificates – regardless of their citizenship – can enter Hungary unrestrictedly (no need for entry permit and isolation).

Accordingly, passengers holding an Israeli vaccination or recovery certificate do not need to present a negative PCR test result (performed within 72 hours in Israel) in order to enter Hungary unrestrictedly.

Passengers are advised to have their Israeli COVID-19 certificates in hard copy (printed version), issued through the official COVID-19 page of the Ministry of Health or the „Ramzor” app.”