Bearing in mind that there is one single Hungarian nation that belongs together, Hungary shall bear responsibility for the fate of Hungarians living beyond its borders, shall facilitate the survival and development of their communities, shall support their efforts to preserve their Hungarian identity, the effective use of their individual and collective rights, the establishment of their community self-governments, and their prosperity in their native lands, and shall promote their cooperation with each other and with Hungary.

Constitution of Hungary, article D


From 1 January 2018, two of the family support benefits in Hungary will be available to Hungarians living outside Hungary's administrative borders. These two forms of support are maternity support and youth start-of-life support (Baby Bond).

The following two grants can also be applied for through the consulate.

Maternity allowance for a child with Hungarian citizenship can be submitted within six months after the child's birth, ie if your child was born after 30 June 2017, you can submit an application for maternity allowance within six months of the child's birth.

Youth start-of-life allowance (baby bond) can be claimed by the parent of a child eligible for start-up allowance or by another legal representative of a child eligible for start-up allowance. The start-up allowance can be claimed from 1 January 2018 at the earliest for children born after 30 June 2017.


Important! The condition for determining the maternity allowance and the youth start-of-life allowance is that the child born abroad, and not living in Hungary, is registered in the Hungarian State Registry.


Where can you apply?

The claim for the two grants can be submitted together on the form entitled “Application for the establishment of maternity benefit in the case of a child with Hungarian citizenship / Hungarian citizenship born abroad with a Hungarian ID card”.

The application for the youth-start-of-life allowance can also be submitted separately on the form entitled "Application for opening a start-up deposit account for a child with Hungarian citizenship / non-Hungarian citizenship living abroad" with a Hungarian ID card.


The links below provide basic information (in Hungarian) on the two forms of family support, as well as a letter from Katalin Novák, Minister for Family affairs.