The Hungarian law requires the couple to notify in advance their intention to get married.

The marriage may be set at the earliest 31 days from the date of notification, and exemption from the mandatory 30-day waiting period may be granted by the competent notary at the request of the spouses in particularly justified cases.

If a spouse does not have an address in Hungary (or if none of the spouses have an address in Hungary), it is possible to notify their intention to get married at the consulate but it is not possible for both to do so. One of the spouses has to appear in person at the Hungarian registry office.  


Who can request the service?

The spouse (Hungarian / foreign) who does not have a Hungarian address. 


Documents to be submitted:

  • 3 copies of completed forms (downloadable at the bottom of the page);
  • a document proving citizenship;
  • birth certificate (in case of a foreign document with Apostille authentication, and its precise Hungarian translation;)
  • in the case of a foreign citizen: proof of marital status with Apostille authentication, and its precise Hungarian translation (for Israeli citizens by an extract from the population register)
  • in the case of a Hungarian citizen: proof of the marital status that can be issued by the consulate

Please note that all documents must be presented in the original version, which will be returned after the protocol has been recorded.


Submission method:

The application has to be submitted in person after prior appointment. For information on booking an appointment, please see our "General Information - appointments" page.


Duration of procedure:

The notification will be sent to Hungary by diplomatic courier. Depending on the frequency of the courier, the documents need 3-4 weeks to arrive in Hungary.



The service is subject to a fee:

  • "Announcement of marriage intention"

Other fees can be charged such as:

  • "Translation authentication"
  • "Proof of marital status"

The current consular fees can be found in the "Consular Fees" menu.


Other important information:

If the intention to enter into a marriage or registered partnership has been notified by one of the parties to the consular officer, the notification shall be recorded on the date on which the minutes sent by the consul arrives to the competent office in Hungary. The 30-days waiting period starts from that date.