At the consular section of our embassy, ​​it is possible to request an identity card (eSzemélyi) with an electronic storage element. In addition to personal identification, the card proves Hungarian citizenship and can be used for travel between the member states of the European Union. The electronic storage element of the document contains the citizen's fingerprint, photograph and signature. In possession of the card, the registration of the "Customer Gateway" (Ügyfélkapu) can also be done electronically.

Please note that it is not possible to request an electronic signature (E-sign) at our Embassy.


Who can request the ID?

All Hungarian citizens who are appear in the state electronic Personal Data and Address Register under “active status” - are entitled to apply for a personal identity card, regardless of whether they have a permanent residence in Hungary or abroad. It is also a condition for the acceptance of the application that there is no discrepancy between the data in the register and the presented identification documents regarding the applicant's marital status and name. If you wish to renew your existing ID before its date of expiry, you may do this at most within 60 days of its expiration date.


Submission method:

The application has to be submitted in person after prior appointment. For information on booking an appointment, please see our "General Information - appointments" page.


Special rules for minors:

Minors between the ages of 14 and 18 can apply for an identity card on their own, without the presence of the parent(s).

In the case of an applicant under the age of 14, the consent of one parent (legal representative) is required. 

Under the age of 6, the minor is not required to be present. In this case a passport photo of the child (taken within the last 3 months) must be brought to the consulate. 

Upon submission of the application, the portrait, fingerprint and signature of the applicant shall be recorded by the consulate.

There is no need for fingerprints if:

  • the Hungarian citizen is less than 6 years old;
  • the applicant refuses to provide fingerprints (in this case, the issued electronic identity card will not be suitable for the functions associated with storing the fingerprint on the chip);
  • the person is physically unable to give a fingerprint, and it is confirmed by a certificate issued by a M.D and presented by the applicant.


Documents to be submitted:

One of the following documents to prove your identity:

  • a valid identity card or an expired ID card (maximum 1 year),
  • a valid Hungarian passport;
  • a valid driving license in card format issued by a Hungarian authority,
  • a valid foreign document (identity card, passport),

and the applicant's Hungarian address card, Hungarian birth certificate or its copy, a marriage certificate or its copy issued by a Hungarian authority.

If you have acquired your Hungarian citizenship through simplified naturalization:

  • naturalization certificate or birth and marriage certificates, address card

In the case of a minor applicant, the following must also be submitted:

  • one of the documents capable of identifying the parents (see above). Note: In case of an Israeli ID card, both parents must submit their Israeli ID.


Duration of procedure:

The new identity card will arrive at the Embassy within 1-2 months after submitting the application.



There is no fee for the first application each year.


Other important information:

The issued document must be collected in person. If you had a previous identity card, you must hand it over at the same time.

The PIN envelope received when submitting the application must be brought with you to take the document. This envelope contains the PIN card required to activate the new card.


How long is the document valid?

  • 0-12 years: 3 years from the issuing date to the day following the birthday, maximum until 12 years old.
  • 12-18 years: 3 years from the issuing date to the day following the birthday
  • 18-65 years: 6 years
  • Over the age of 65, it is also 6 years, but it is also possible to issue a document without a time limit if the applicant does not use the electronic functions of the card.

If the holder was born on 29 February and this day is missing in the year of expiry of the validity period, the identity card will expire on 28 February.

Further information on the electronic identity card can be found on the website, or information can be requested on the official government customer hotline, in Hungary dialing 1818, and from abroad dialing +361 550-1858, or by e-mail:



The documents required for the submission of the application are prepared on site, electronically, so their signing is required on site.