Question: I would like to receive an ESTA to the USA/ my ESTA was refused. Can the Embassy of Hungary help with this? 

Answer: Hungarian foreign missions have no influence on US travel policy or other US ESTA or visa-related questions, even if traveling on a Hungarian passport. The decision falls entirely within the competence of the designated US authorities. Concerning current entry regulations and travel warnings to the USA, please contact directly the respective US consular office. Travel related advice can be found on the official ESTA site at and on the website of the US Embassy in Budapest at

In addition, it is advisable to read carefully the latest announcement of 11 November, 2021 on the webpage of the Consular Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary,, which states the following (unofficial translation to English): "Considering the decision of the American authorities, in the case of ESTA applicants who were born outside the state borders of Hungary, the system will automatically invite these Hungarian citizens to submit a visa application based on their place of birth [regardless of citizenship]."

Question: can I bring medical cannabis/marihuana into Hungary?

Answer: according to the competent Hungarian Authority’s (National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition of Hungary ) guidelines on the issue and in accordance with the relevant Hungarian regulations, medical cannabis is not allowed to enter Hungary even if its use is allowed in the country of origin. No permit can be issued on individual basis for this reason.

Note: CBD products can legally enter Hungary without permit, and to our knowledge also can be purchased in Hungary.

For further clarification please find enclosed the website and the contact details of the competent Hungarian authority who you should also contact with questions related to specific products.

National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition of Hungary

H-1135 Budapest, Szabolcs u. 33.

Tel.: (+36 1) 8869-300, E-mail:

Fax.: +36 1 8869-460

Mail: 1372 P.O. Box: 450.


Question: can the Embassy help with finding my Hungarian ancestors/ their birth/marriage certificates etc.?

Answer: No. Please be advised that our office can issue birth, marriage and death certificates of Hungarian citizens for whom clear documentation is already provided to us, as indicated on our website at . 

For those interested in researching their family origins or wish to obtain personal documents other than the above, it is advised to contact the following:

Question: Can the Embassy help me with settling fines received in Hungary? 

Answer: No. We wish to inform you that our Embassy has no influence and cannot provide assistance when it comes to parking or other types of fines received in Hungary. For these, you must contact the respective authorities through the contact means provided in the official letter/notification received from them.

Question: May I drive using my Israeli licence in Hungary?

Answer: With an Israeli license, you may drive in Hungary for a maximum period of 6 months. After this, your licence needs to be converted to a Hungarian licence. For this, you need to book an appointment at the Budapest 13th district Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services, address: Visegrádi utca 110, Budapest 1133 (in Hungarian kormányablak). To book an appointment, visit: - select: Bejelentkezés ügyfélkapu nélkül à vezetői engedély honosítása). More information on the procedure can be found here (in Hungarian): .

Please be informed that based on regulation 18/2003. (XII.11.), Israeli disabled parking certificates are accepted in Hungary and provide benefits equal to those of Hungarian disabled certificates.

Question: are there any resources for Hungarian books?

Answer:  Yes, you may contact Ms. Gabriella NAGY: 058 476 3075;; Facebook page: Drory Izraeli-Magyar Könyvtár -

Question: Is there anything I need to do to continue receiving my Hungarian pension? 

Answer: Yes. All information can be found on this link.