Cultural relations between Hungary and Israel have always been nourished on fertile soil mainly due to the historical ties between the peoples of the two countries. Exceptionally good political and economic relations also provide an important background to the currently flourishing cultural cooperation. During Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Hungary in July 2017, a bilateral cultural and educational cooperation work plan was signed, and in July 2018, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced the Israeli Hungarian Cultural Year for 2019, during which the Hungarian government provided a large-scale Hungarian cultural visibility in Israel. The program series of the Hungarian Cultural Year in Israel well reflected the diversity of the Hungarian-Israeli cultural relationship. On the one hand, there were lectures and events presenting the classical features of Hungarian culture at a high level, but there was no shortage of new-wave, form-breaking appearances in the fields of classical and contemporary music, dance, film and fine arts, literature and gastronomy. 



Here are some examples of the very successful events:


  • Between March 11-19, 2019, a large-scale three-performance Operett Gala took place as the opening event of the Hungarian Cultural Year.
  • The Hungarian Gastronomic Week was organized between April 7-12, 2019. In Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilat, nine Hungarians (Csaba Harmath, Viktor Segal, Andor Giczi and Szabolcs Nagy [Fricska restaurant], Gergő Fekete [Artizán], Richard Farkas [Pajta Bistro], Tímea Árgyelán) [Alma Nomad Bakery], Attila Kurucz [Tiszavirág restaurant in Szeged], József Juhos [Sütizz confectionery], Jutka Herstein [Cafe Louise]) and twenty-four local chefs - including four Hungarian-Israelis - plus wine academic Gabriella Mészáros introduced contemporary Hungarian gastronomy.
  • The Israeli Hungarian Film Week was held between 12 and 19 May 2019. More than two thousand Hungarian films were selected for the large-scale film event, covering a wide range of genres.
  • Between May 30 and June 3, 2019, the Fresh Paint International Art Fair, Israel’s largest art fair, was held with tens of thousands of visitors. With the support of the Hungarian Cultural Season, the works of Hungarian artists Emese Benczúr, István Felsmann, Árpád Forgó, Andi Gáldi Vinkó, László Győrffy, Patrícia Kalicka, Mira Dalma Makai, Rita Sulases, Zsófia Szemző) were presented with the help of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Budapest Art Market.
  • The Győr Ballet was a huge success with full house performances between June 1-3, 2019 on stages of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Herzliya.
  • On June 13-14, 2019, the Hungarian National Theater presented two full-house performances of the play Woyzek, directed by Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.
  • Performances by a new generation of Hungarian musicians and writers was presented between June 15 and July 1, 2019 through the cooperation of the Hungarian Creative Arts Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. (MANK) and the Advance Local Writing Academy. Within the framework of the two-week “Ruin Pub” project, six emerging Hungarian music formations (Platon Karataev duet; Szabolcs Czeglédi; Márton Hangácsi; Ohnody duo; Blackberry duo; Lee Oliver) performed together with four young Hungarian writers (Csenge Lantos; Mátyás Regős; Enikő Fehér ; Zsolt Drávucz).
  • At the Karmiel International Dance Festival in July 2019, the largest dance festival in Israel, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble performed its Liszt Mosaics piece. It received resounding success on the opening day of the festival (July 2).
  • The Recirquel New Circus Ensemble performed The Naked Clown in Israel between July 20 and 22, 2019 as part of the Hungarian Cultural Year. All five performances ran at full house in the Herzliya Theater in Tel Aviv’s suburbs.
  • On September 10, 2019, the Queen of Saba was performed by the Hungarian State Opera.
  • On September 12 and 13, 2019, the Budapest Operett Theater performed the famous Bride's Dance at the Tel Aviv Opera House with two fully sold-out performances.
  • On October 10, 2019, an exhibition of the works of Hungarian designers, led by curator Sára Ernő, opened in the presence of hundreds of prominent guests. The exhibition, organized within the framework of the Hungarian Cultural Year with the special support of the MMA, also provided space for an installation of selected Israel-related paintings by Robert Capa, an internationally renowned Hungarian photographer.
  • Between October 15-17, 2019, the Hungarian Days - Tel Aviv took place which was one of the most important closing events of the 2019 Hungarian Cultural Year in Israel. It ended with outstanding success and the attendance of nearly 20,000 people. The Hungarian Days - Tel Aviv has been one of the most prominent cultural programs of the Hungarian Embassy in Tel Aviv for many years.
  • On October 23, 2019, the Jerusalem Theater hosted the closing event of the Hungarian Cultural Year. The gala concert of Andrea Rost and the Miklós Lukács Trio ended with outstanding success.


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