You can ask for a copy of a Hungarian birth / marriage / death certificate at the Consulate.


 Who can request the service?

The application may be submitted by a Hungarian citizen / person born in Hungary / direct descendant (in the case of a deceased person), or by someone who has an official power of attorney.


Documents to be submitted

  • A valid passport/ ID of the applicant / authorized representative and a copy of it
  • Electronically completed and printed, but not signed application form

In addition, in the case of a power of attorney:

  • The original power of attorney completed and signed by the authorisor 
  • A copy of a valid passport of the applicant

The issuance of a deceased person's document may be requested only by a person who can prove beyond doubt that the requested certificate is of someone who is already deceased AND that s/he is a direct descendant of the deceased.


Method of submission

The application has to be submitted in person after prior appointment. For information on booking an appointment, please see our "General Information - appointments" page.


Duration of procedure

1-4 weeks.



The service is free of charge.