The „Client Gate” (in Hungarian: Ügyfélkapu) is the Hungarian Government’s electronic identification system providing a platform for its users to connect with Hungarian State Organizations offering electronic administration services. 

Who can subscribe for „Client Gate”?

Any natural person who is registered in:

  • the Hungarian personal data and address registry, or
  • the central immigration registry of the Hungarian Immigration Authority, or
  • the personal registry of aliens (foreign citizens) applying for electornic administration.

Where can you subscribe for „Client Gate”?

In person at:

  • local government service offices;
  • key helpdesk offices of the National Tax and Customs Administration;
  • foreign diplomatic and consular representations of Hungary;
  • helpdesk of particular post offices


Subscribing for "Client Gate" at the Hungarian Embassy in Tel Aviv

Type of service:

Required documents:

  • Hungarian Citizens:        valid Hungarian ID (ID card, driving license, passport)
  • EEA Citizens:                    valid EEA ID or passport
  • non-EEA Citizens:            valid passport


  • free of charge


  • 15-20 minutes


Upon new subscription, Clients receive their initial password via e-mail. Accounts must be activated by changing the initial password within 5 days after the date of registration.