The certificate of good conduct may prove the following facts concerning the applicant:

  • Has no criminal record,
  • is not subject to a ban on public affairs,
  • is not subject to a ban on employment


Who can request the service?

Any person, regardless of nationality or place of residence, can apply for a certificate of good conduct, but only for his or her own data. The procedure for issuing a certificate of good conduct is initiated only upon request.


Documents to be submitted

  • Valid identity document
  • Completed but not yet signed form


Method of submission

The application has to be submitted in person after prior appointment. For information on booking an appointment, please see our "General Information - appointments" page.


Duration of procedure

About 1 month.



Applying for a moral certificate is free of charge four times a year, after that a fee must be paid for the administrative procedure (3 000HUF), furthermore, a consular contribution fee is also charged. We would like to draw the attention of our customers to the fact that if the certificate is to be used in Israel and not in Hungary, it must also be authenticated by an Apostille stamp by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade which incurs an additional fee but can be requested upon submission as well.

The current fees for the services can be found under the Consular Fees menu.


Other important information

The certificate is issued only in Hungarian language and is valid for 3 months. The certificate of good conduct will be issued as a electronic document. If the authorities asking for the certificate do not accept a electronic version, it is possible to ask the Hungarian authorities for a paper document.



You can download the form from the Consular Service website: Certificate of good conduct - Form.