Who can request the service?

Proof of marital status can be applied for by any Hungarian citizen. When submitting the application, the client must state that he / she is requesting proof of marital status in the form of an “official certificate” or a “consular certificate”. An “official certificate” is the official certificate of marital status issued by the Hungarian authorities. A “consular certificate” is an official extract from the personal data and address register, a bilingual certificate (Hungarian and English), which also contains the applicant's personal data and marital status.

We recommend that you inquire in advance at the office of the intended use (place of marriage) what form of certificate they need, and this will help you decide which one to apply for.


Documents to be submitted:

A copy of a valid passport or identity card. There is no mandatory formal requirement for the application. In terms of content, the application must contain the following information:

  • name, birth name;
  • date and place of birth;
  • current address;
  • last address in Hungary;
  • place and date of marriage;
  • place and date of divorce;
  • name, place of birth, date of birth of spouse, deceased / divorced spouse;
  • an application for proof of marital status and a justification as to why it is requesting a marital status confirmation;
  • a statement according to which you request the issuance of an official certificate of marital status or an extract from a consular certificate from the Register of Personal Data and Addresses.

Please sign the application for proof of marital status with a blue pen.


Submission method:

The application has to be submitted in person after prior appointment. For information on booking an appointment, please see our "General Information - appointments" page.


 Duration of procedure:

The duration of the procedure is at least 2 months in the case of an “official certificate” from Hungary. When applying for a “consular certificate”, that certificate can usually be obtained on that day.



The fee depends on whether the applicant is applying for an official certificate or a consular certificate. The latter is an extract from the Personal Data and Address Register.

The current fees for the services can be found under the Consular Fees menu.


Other important information:

The official certificate is issued in Hungarian by the Hungarian authorities.

The certificate issued by the consul is bilingual, containing the applicant's details and marital status in Hungarian and English.



There is no mandatory formal requirement for the application. See Documents to be submitted section.