If you are establishing a permanent residence in Israel, it is recommended that you register this in Hungary. This means that your residence in Hungary will cease to exist and you will be included in the Hungarian registers as a "Hungarian citizen living abroad." The easiest and fastest way to do this is to register this change at a Hungarian government window or district office. In this case, you will immediately receive your new address card which will state the following: "Residence: Foreign Address" (without any further specification).

If you wish to register your foreign residence at the Consular Section in Tel Aviv, the procedure of the application is expected to take up to 3 months, as the application will have to be sent to Hungary to the government window or district office of your Hungarian address and the newly issued address card will be mailed by them to Tel Aviv. This can be avoided if you register the change of residence at a Hungarian government window or district office.

Why is this important? Besides making sure data is correct in the registers, you may have obligations if you have a valid Hungarian address, such as paying health contribution fees on a monthly basis.  

Please note: if you acquired Hungarian citizenship  while living in Israel after 2013, you automatically have a foreign address registered. 


Who can apply for the procedure?

Anyone with a previously registered residence in Hungary, who established a permanent residence in Israel.


Method of submission:

The application can only be submitted in person (there is no possibility for someone else to hand in the application), by prior appointment. For information on booking an appointment, please see our "General Information - appointments" page.

Special rules for minors:

  • If only one parent appears in person, the appearing parent must certify the cessation of parental custody of the other parent (death certificate, court decision, guardianship consent, etc.).
  • Children between the ages of 14-18  must appear personally and sign the forms


Documents to be submitted:

  • Original address card containing the Hungarian address
  • Valid identity card or passport
  • "Külföldi letelepedésre vonatkozó nyilatkozat" form or " Külföldi letelepedésre vonatkozó nyilatkozat kiskorúak részére" form

With the announcement of cancelling your Hungarian residence to a foreign address, your address card will be withdrawn, and instead a new address card will be issued, marked with the text:  "Residence: Foreign Address".


Duration of procedure

Approximately 3 months.



The service is free of charge.


Other important information

If you already have a Hungarian address card marked as "Residence: Foreign Address", but in the meantime there has been a change of address, please report the change of address abroad. This can be done via the Web Assistant available on the website  (it is not necessary to have a Client Gate registration to use it!).