For the preparation of Hungarian translations of Israeli documents, we are attaching the most commonly-used translation samples for consular affairs for your kind use.

Please pay close attention to the rules of Hungarian spelling and grammar. Determining the correctness of a specific translation is the exclusive competence of the consul performing the authentication. Consuls can only accept and authenticate translations that are complete, accurate and comply with the spelling and grammar rules of the Hungarian language. If it does not meet one of these criteria, we will send it back for correction.

Regarding characters, including special Hungarian characters (such as í, ő, ű, etc.), we recommend copying them from the Internet pages into the given text or using virtual keyboards on the web, for example: -Keyboard   

Sample translations (Hungarian)

  1. Israeli birth certificate - mono lingual
  2. Israeli birth certificate - bilingual (Hebrew-English)
  3. Israel digital birth certificate
  4. Israeli divorce certificate
  5. Israeli certificate of death
  6. Israeli certificate of name changing
  7. Israeli tamtzit rishoom 
  8. Israeli marriage certificate 
  9. Israeli marriage certificate - copy of original
  10. Israeli marriage certificate due to rabbinical court decision
  11. Israeli marriage certificate - marriage conducted abroad according to Jewish law and approved by an Israeli Rabbinical court