Based on the currently applicable government decree (408/2020), passengers entering Hungary from abroad are obliged to spend 10 days in isolation after their entry. Exemption from the isolation can be granted for those who carry out 2x SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests in Hungary within 5 days and at least 48 hours apart from each other. The first test can also be carried out in any Schengen Member State, in the US or in Canada, in this case the passenger must prove the negative results with official documents issued in Hungarian or in English. Tests carried out in countries other than the above are not recognized!

As of 27 October 2020, the administration of isolation obligations (including the exemption permissions) has been brought solely under the competency of the Hungarian Police. The following information provides guidance on the necessary steps passengers must make in order to receive exemption from the isolation:


  1. Check the list of licensed laboratories providing PCR testing services nearby the place of isolation and book appointment(s) according to the above mentioned policy of testing (2x PCR tests within 5 days, at least 48 hours apart). Only PCR tests are accepted in this process.
  2. Notify the Police about your intention to leave the place of isolation for the time of the scheduled tests, at least 24 hours before each test through their online platform ("Submission related to the epidemic control measures>Send information about the PCR test date"). Once the report is sent, the system confirms its receival and the person might leave the place of isolation for the time of the tests.
    Note: Failing to report the tests in advance, hence leaving the isolation without the confirmation of the Police means the breach of isolation rules, that can be fined up to USD 2000.
  3. Do the tests at the laboratories. You can use any means of transportation to get to the testing sites, including public transportation, but you need to make you trip as short and as quick as it is possible, and return to the place of isolation immediately after the tests.
  4. Once both negative results are received electronically, it has to be summitted for process to the Police through their online platform once again ("Submission related to the epidemic control measures>Send information on the results of PCR negative tests related to border crossing").
  5. After the Police investigates and examines the submitted negative results, it issues a decision on releasing the involved person from the isolation. After this notification is received electronically, you might leave the place of isolation.



- How much do PCR tests cost in Hungary?

  • The Hungarian Government introduced fixed price for carrying out PRC tests, thus each laboratory offers PRC test services for the fee of HUF 19.500.

- Can I get exemption from the isolation if I bring 2 negative tests from the country of departure?

  • No, you cannot. Both tests must be carried out in Hungary, or the first one can be done in any Schengen Member State, in the US or in Canada while the second test must be carried out in Hungary. No other tests carried out in other countries than the ones listed above are recognized or accepted.

- What happens if one of my test results is positive?

  • With a positive PRC test result, you need to stay in home isolation for at least 10 days (with no symptoms), or in case of light symptoms, you can be released after respiratory symptoms dissappear, but no earlier than the 3rd day without fever, and the 10th day after the symptoms started. In case of severe symptoms (e.g. shortness of breath), call the Ambulance: 104.