Students who wish to return to Hungary for the purpose of continuing studies or fulfilling exam obligations may enter the country if:

  1. They possess a duly completed and signed authorisation form from the respective university/institution.
  2. At the point of entry, they do not show signs of COVID-19 infection and there is no suspicion of infection

The form can be downloaded from here and must be filled out, stamped and sent back to the student by the university, who must print it out and present it at the point of entry to the authorities.

Students in possession of such an authorisation form do not need to request an equity-based entry permit from the Hungarian Police.

Please note that possession of the form does not exempt the bearer of the 14-day quarantine requirement and s/he may only visit the educational institution after completing the 14-day self-isolation.

Individuals suspected of infection at entry points will be denied entry to Hungary.