Update: 30 August 2020

Currently, students who wish to enter Hungary from Israel for the purpose of starting/continuing studies must request an entry permit directly from the Hungarian Police, unless they fall into one of the categories according to government decree 408/2020 that exempt them from requesting such a permit (i.e. they are Hungarian citizens or non-Hungarian citizens that have the right to stay in Hungary for longer than 90 days and have a valid document to justify this). To request for this permit they need to attach:

  1. The university's official acceptance letter or a duly completed and signed authorisation form from the respective university/institution (see below)
  2. Proof of accommodation in Hungary (where they will fulfil the 14-day quarantine obligation) recommended to be booked for a month at least 
  3. Flight ticket with point of entry 
  4. Copy of passport 
  5. Any other document that supports their entry request 

The form can be downloaded from here and must be filled out, stamped and sent back to the student by the university.

The entry permit request must be submitted using the following website (in Hungarian or English only): https://ugyintezes.police.hu/web/guest/uj-ugy-inditasa/ 

An entry permit by itself does not exempt the bearer from the 14-day quarantine requirement and s/he may only visit the educational institution after completing the 14-day self-isolation unless the quarantine is waived by a Hungarian pandemic authority. For the process on how to get an exemption from quarantine, kindly visit this link. 

Individuals suspected of infection at entry points will be denied entry to Hungary.