Passport application:
To apply for a new passport at the Consulate you should ask an appointment by phone on: 03-545-6666

You should ensure the following documents for your passport application:


  • Hungarian passport (if not valid bring your  valid israeli passport or ID too)
  • Hungarian certificate of birth and marriage
  • Hungarian address card
  • Certificate from simplified naturalisation
  • Hungarian certificate of the altered name (if you changed it)
  • Consular fee: 390 NIS, if the applicant is more than 65 years old 200 NIS,  
  • Since 1st October 2017 there are changes concerning payments for the Embassy’s consular services. Payments shall, as a general rule, be made through a bank account of the Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary in Tel Aviv in NIS.
  • Consular fees should be paid - after personal appearance and information on the consular fees - to the Hungarian Embassy’s Consular account at Bank HaPoalim.

If after getting your previous passport you got married or changed your name, please bring your Hungarian certificate of birth and marriage or a Hungarian document from the altered name.

If you have not registered your marriage or changing of your name, please do it before applying for new passport.

If your previous valid passport was stolen: official record from the police on your report on the stolen document; in case of lack of an offical record from the police the fee is 580 NIS.



  • both parents should appear in person 
    o if there is only one parent responsible for care it should be proved with an official document;
  • parents valid passport (hungarian and israeli)
  • applicant's valid Hungarian and Israeli passport
  • Hungarian birth certificate of the child
  • Hungarian address card of the child
  • Hungarian marriage certificate of the parents
  • If the child is under 12: 1 photo (Passport size – 35X45 mm - photo with white background. The face must be in focus, have good contrast and accurately reflect the subject’s skin tone. without glasses. The photo may contain only the person applying for the passport, even if the application is for a baby or young child. The subject should look directly at the camera with a natural expression. The eyes must be open and the mouth closed with no smile or other emotion present. As well as being fully open, the eyes must not be covered or partially covered by hair, head coverings or any other object. The applicant does not have to apply in person (only the parents have to appear)
  • If the child is above 12, he/she should appear at the Consulate in person together with the parents.
  • Hungarian certificate from simplified naturalisation
  • Consular fee: 240 NIS, if you have 2 children under 18 the fee is 220 NIS, if 3 or more 210 NIS.

If the birth of child has not been registered yet in Hungary, you have to register the birth first and then you can call us for appointment.